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Infant and Toddler Program

At Neck of the Woods, our Infant and Toddler program is split up into 4 different classes based on age. Starting in Fall of 2023, children will be enrolled into their class and remain in that class through the entire school year, so the class will grow together as a whole and the dynamic shifts as the children grow. These are the groups:


Rumbles (6 weeks to ~1)

The Rumbles class is made up of our youngest friends at NOW. This classroom has a ratio of 1:4, and the maximum class size is 8 with 2 teachers and an assistant teacher. The infants in this class do a lot of tummy time, practice rolling over, sitting up with support and then independently, introducing foods, and some of them are learning to stand and walk. This class's schedule is based around each infant's needs- naps and meals (bottles and solid food) are given on demand for each child.


Tumblers (~1 to ~2)

The Tumblers are our second youngest class. The ratio in this classroom is 1:4 with a maximum class size of 8 with 2 teachers. In this class, the children continue to develop many fine and gross motor skills, including walking, climbing stairs, using utensils to eat, and an introduction to potty training. In the Tumblers class, babies can nap either once in the afternoon or twice- a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap. Children in this class eat a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack


Dominoes (~18 months to ~ 30 months)

In the Dominoes class, the ratio is 1:4 until children turn 2, then it increases to 1:5. The maximum number of students in this class also grows from 4 to 10 when all children are two. There are two teachers in this class. This age group continues to develop their motor skills, language, and social-emotional development through play based learning. Many children in this class are also continuing to work on potty training. Children in this class eat a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. After lunch, there is a nap time.


Inverness (~30 months to 3 years old)

The Inverness class consists of our older 2 year olds who turn 3 during the school year. This class ratio is 1:5. If all children are 3 years old, the ratio changes to 1:10. The maximum class size for this group is 10 children with 2 teachers. In this class, the children continue to focus heavily on social emotional development and making friendships. The Inverness crew also works hard to promote independence in children with tasks such as getting dressed to go outside, getting out and putting away their lunch boxes, and using the bathroom.


Any children who are 3 or older before September 1st will be enrolled in the Brambles preschool class for the school year.

Infant and Toddler Care: Welcome
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