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Part Time Staff

Who We Are

Patty Kirpan


Patty lives in Moretown,Vt. Patty recieved her Bachelor's Degree from Trinity College in Human Services/Early Education and Master's in Special Education from Johnson State University. She has been a licensed preschool and Kindergarten teacher in local schools for over 40 years. After officially retiring in 2012 and raising 11 kids, she couldn't resist jumping right into the MECA program with Moie whom she has known before birth. When not at NOW, Patty enjoys swimming, kayaking, downhill skiing and traveling.


Kira Bacon

(She/ her/ hers)

Kira grew up in Philadelphia and traveled to the Northwest to attend college. After many years on the West Coast, she moved to Vermont 10 years go. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education from Western Washington University and Master of Fine Arts degree in child-centered theater from the University of Washington. After retiring from a career in corporate and nonprofit communications, Kira began teaching skiing to children and reconnected with her love of working with kids. She enjoys living in the mountains of Vermont and hiking with her two dogs.

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